Privacy Policy

Who owns this service?

The owner of this service is Szymon Sobczyk. You can contact him via email at or via Discord.

What data is collected and processed by PDXGA?

Service collects following types of data:

Cookies on this site contain information required for user session management, including her/his language preferences. The scope and purpose of data collected for reCAPTCHA and Google Analytics mechanism is determined by Google and described in their Privacy policy

What is the purpose of data collection?

User names and passwords are collected to identify and authenticate users, emails are collected to provide capability to restore account password in case user forgets it. Website user behavior data is collected in order to improve the quality of the service. Game save files are collected in order to be analyzed and shared with all other PDXGA users. The objective of the analysis is to understand how the games are played by users and to compare the information between playthroughs. Cookies are used for technical purposes to allow the website to function properly - identify user, present correct language version of the site.

Who is the receipient of the data? Who has access to the data?

All users, including anonymous Internet users, have access to usernames and save game files data. Registered users can limit the recipients of the information, so it is only available to themselves. However their information coming from save files may still be part of public global statistics in the PDXGA service. Access to all other information is limited to the user and service owner. PDXGA is run on Microsoft Azure services and the data is stored and processed there. Information about the terms and conditions of data processing by Microsoft can be found here. The data is not transfered or shared with any other third parties (beside Google and Microsoft).

Do I have to share data?

All users share their data volunteraly. It is possible to use service without registration, in which case only cookie data and reCAPTCHA data will be processed.

How long the data is stored?

Data regarding user accounts is stored for 3 years since last user logon. Google Analytics data is kept for 2 months. Game save files are retained for 60 months after upload. Data extracted from save files is stored indefinetly. All data may be deleted earlier, without user acceptance, including removal of user account data.

How can I change my data?

User can review, change and remove her/his data from the service. Change of user name and password is possibly after clicking on the user name link on the webpage. The removal of account and uploaded save files is possible by contacting service owner at Due to technical reasons there is no way to remove data extracted from save files.

Changes to the policy

Service owner may change this policy. Such changes will be announced on this page and on PDXGA Facebook page.