Welcome to PDX Game Analyzer!

This page lets you upload Europa Universalis IV (EU4 for short), Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4 for short) and Victoria III (V3 for short) savefiles for analyzing. You can upload files anonymously, or you can register on the webpage, so the files you upload will be assigned to your account. There are some limitations when uploading files anonymously, so I recommend sign-up for the account. For the details of what are the features and limitations of anonymous vs. registered user access go to this page

Once the file is uploaded and processed, you'll be able to see various statistics about the gameplay the file represents, share this information with others, and in the future also compare how your playthrough compares to other players. Files can be organized in groups to analyze the data in the context of the whole playthrough. More details and answers to popular questions can be found here.

Updates, dev diaries and news are published on the PDXGA blog. The best way to report issues and bugs is via Discord.

To upload a savefile, select a file from your computer using the button below.

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